The Compilers Laboratory (LaC) is an subdivision of the Programing Language Laboratory of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.

Source code

You may write down the source code of your application in that box. So you will be able to compile it and run the analysis passes.

Source language

Select the type of source code you want to compile. It's important to check the correct box, because it determines which compiler will be used in the current session.

Show detailed pass statistics

Select this option to enable the passes time-passes and -stats during the optimization with opt.

Choose the tool

Select the LLVM pass or tool you want to run. Currently are available only BBloop, Loopus, LComp. Loopus uses LLVM 2.9, LComp uses 3.4, and BBloop uses 3.5.

LOOPUS is a tool for computing symbolic bounds on loops in C programs created by Moritz Sinn, Florian Zuleger and Helmut Veith. LComp is an analysis pass that verify the possibility of add up or multiply the complexity of loops in C programs. It uses information about dominance and post-dominance to perform this analysis.

Others pages

You can also try others tools developed by the LaC's guys.

  Flow Tracker   Flow tracker is a tool that detects timing attack vulnerabilities in C/C++ programs that implement cryptographic routines. If the program contains a vulnerability, then Flow Tracker finds one or more (static) traces of instructions that uncover it.